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Have you ever found an item at a garage sale, or had one left to you by a relative, and had no idea what it was, or what it was worth?  Even worse, do you have an item important to you, and you fear your story will be lost when it is passed on to your relatives?

Just think of the items that are thrown away or sold for pennies after a loved one passes because the history or value is not known.  This is not only a shame to that persons memory, but a crime against history.

I personally have a number of guns that were left to me by my father.  I remember so clearly how lovingly he displayed them in the downstairs den.  He told me story after story about each one.  But although I listened intently, I was young. As a teen my interests were elsewhere and when he died too young, many of his stories were lost forever.  I want to be sure this never happens again.

Never again! Forever Online!

You can now not only record your item online, but its history as well.

Furniture, Jewelry, Firearms, Artifacts, Coins, Stamps - Anything important to you!

Designed to Preserve History

  • Personal heirlooms - Record the items history, its history with you, and its value.
  • Family heirlooms - Record the items history with the family, its history with you, and its value.
  • Collections - Record each piece in your personal collection.
  • Artifact Finds - Record the important facts including date and location of the find.

Optionally make your item available to researchers or for sale

You can choose to keep your listing private, only those with a password can access your record or make it available to the public for educational or sale purposes.

Your listing access restrictions can be:

  • Private
  • Public
  • Educators & Researchers Only
  • For Sale

If you are not sure of an items history you can ask the experts. At the same time researchers can now gain extremely valuable information from private collections around the world.

Effective ID System to keep your item identified

ID Tag: You are sent a registration package that includes an ID tag to attach to, or keep with your item. This not only identifies the item but links to your online record as well.

Certificate of Authenticity: This is a certificate that is signed by you. While this does not guarantee the authenticity, it allows your record of history and facts to remain with the item.  In addition, research shows that paperwork with an item greatly increases the chances that an item will be preserved. If you can obtain an official Certificate of Authenticity from an expert in the items field, it is also highly recommended.


Record your items today and preserve your history forever!


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