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HMS Winchester 1695 Shipwreck Artifact

The HMS Winchester

The 944 ton, 4th Rate 60 gun British man-of-war Winchester was built in 1693 at Bursledon by William  Wyatt. She was 121 feet long, and she had a 38 foot  beam. The Winchester was originally commissioned in 1693  under the command of Captain Edward Bibb. While en route  from Jamaica to England, a plaque on board quickly  spread throughout her crew, rendering them unable to  perform their duties. Her Captain, who was also sick,  was put ashore in Jamaica. The Winchester's command was  turned over to Captain John Soule. After leaving Port  Royal, the crew continued to drop like flies from the  scurvy. One report lists only eight able bodied seamen  still standing when she was sailed onto a reef on  September 24, 1695. A few of her crew including Captain  Soule were transferred to another vessel. Captain Soule  died later, and unfortunately almost all 400 of her crew were lost.


6lb Cannon Ball Grenade, Museum Quality  # FO-0114   
HMS Winchester sank 1695 (golden age of piracy)

A hollow 6lb ball, 3.3lbs, with gunpowder and fuse. Unthinkably rare and in remarkable condition.  Powder is inert. These were lit and thrown at ships at close quarters as anti personal devices. There may be no other in the world in this condition, with intact powder. 

This item has successfully completed reverse electrolysis and is very stable.

Removing encrustation and disarming is a long and arduous task.  We have to assume the powder is live until proven otherwise.










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