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Updated: July 4, 2014


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Updated: July 5, 2014

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Updated: July 5, 2014

About Us

How we came to be:

As collectors we rarely think that every great find we make is usually a great loss to someone else.  And no one has had a rare collectable and not wondered, "What if it could talk, oh the stories it could tell".

We have to remember that every find we make in that storage locker, garage sale or online represents one, ten or a hundred items that are thrown out by a relative after someone dies.  And any item that is not discarded certainly loses its story and importance to that person.

I personally have a number of guns that were left to me by my father.  I remember so clearly how lovingly he displayed them in the downstairs den.  He told me story after story about each one.  But although I listened intently, I was young. As a teen my interests were elsewhere and when he died too young many of his stories were lost forever.  I want to be sure this never happens again.

Preserving History:

Never again does history have to be lost.  Never again does your story have to die with you.  Register your items here, record your story, and make sure to always have the ForeverOnline ID with your item. Your story lives on forever.

We are here to help:

I'll admit I'm a little old school. I designed this web site to be as easy to use as possible while still keeping costs low.  I hand process every order as opposed to paying tens of thousands of dollars for a more automated system, and having to charge you quite a bit more.  But that means I know every one of our customers. And if you have any trouble, or just a question, I will take care of it. And when my time comes to move on I'll be sure to leave your precious history in the hands of someone else that cares too.

Welcome, we are happy to meet you  :)


Rich & Marcie Werner

USCG Certified Captain and PADI Divemasters






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