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Registration Options 


Registration is as low as $4.00 per item.

1 Record Registration - Lifetime - $6.00
5 Record Registrations - Lifetime - $25.00
10 Record Registrations - Lifetime - $45.00
50 Record Registrations - Lifetime - $200.00

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Optional: ID Kit - Certificate and ID card - $3.95 per item (as low as $2.00 each in bulk).

Actual tag may vary depending on the item you are registering.
Tag size - 2.2" x 1.2"

Instructions for viewing the record online are on the back of the Certificate.
Certificate Size 8.5"x11"

Registration does not include the ID Kit. The ID Kit is designed to identify your item if you are not there to do so.  Kit includes the Certificate of Authenticity and ID Card.  Some ForeverOnline users prefer to use their own ID Tags, which is fine, and a savings, if it is done correctly.

The Certificate of Authenticity is signed by you, the owner and you attest that "I certify under penalty of perjury that the information stated here is true and accurate to the best of my ability"

1 ID Kit - $3.95
5 ID Kits - $15.00
10 ID Kits - $25.00
50 ID Kits - $100.00

To tag and ID yourself

Make a tag that will either be maintained or will not fade with time.  Engraved brass or metal is best and some have used "do it yourself ID tags" for pets, which is a great option.  If you use a paper tag use high quality paper and ink, and laminate if possible.  Check all tags over the years and replace when necessary.  If at all possible, affix your tag to the item, use of small, thin zip ties is best.

The Certificate has great value in letting future owners of your item know its value.  After you have registered you will receive a copy of our Owner Certificate you can fill in and print yourself.

Of course all of this takes work and if you prefer just order an ID Kit which is custom printed for your item.

Online Search

Making your item available for online search can be very valuable, not only if you are selling the item, but so that other users can provide you with valuable information, or help researchers learn from your item and experiences.

Online search will be available soon, bookmark this page for updates. 


Registration File

The comprehensive file offers numerous fields to record your history.  Only the fields you select to use are shown when the record is viewed.


Register your history today!





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